Videos, Self-Checking Digital Activities, Printable Task Cards, and More!

What's Included:

  • A Self-grading Activity for Google Drive
  • A Set of Interactive Boom Cards™
  • Printable Task Cards (print with or without QR codes)
  • 4 Practice Quizzes covering a wide variety of Algebra 1 topics
  • 4 Videos with Answers & Step-by-Step Directions
  • Printable Worksheet to Record Answers
  • Additional Resources for Students Needing Extra Help

Topics Include: Factoring, Slope-Intercept Form, Solving Multi-Step Equations, Exponent Rules, Proportions, Quadratic Equations, Functions, Using Substitution & Elimination to Solve Systems of Equations, Inequalities, & More!

Please note that enrollment is for a single math teacher. Students should check out my Algebra 1 Review Course for Students.

Algebra 1 Review Activities - printable and digital resources for math teachers


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Includes unlimited access to the activities. View them whenever and wherever you like.